Laracon EU – Madrid, May 2019

Laracon EU Madrid 2019 Poster

Laracon EU

Madrid, May 2019

We are big fans of the Laravel framework. Laravel allows us to be laser focused on our customers needs delivering value efficiently.

The rich Laravel ecosystem plus the vibrant and positive community make it a joy to use.

Supercharging common controllers

Very insightful talk by Freek Van der Herten📸 sharing Spatie's practices regarding Laravel controller with examples of their open source libraries in action.

Supercharging common controllers (Laracon Madrid) - Speaker Deck

The Laravel Core - Demystify The Beast

Christoph Rumpel📸 showed us how the Request, Facades and Eloquent works in Laravel by diving into the source code. He made a very good point that by looking behind the curtains it helps developer to have a better understanding of the tool used as well as being a frame of reference for the code produced by the developer.

The Laravel Core - Demystify The Beast (Laracon EU Madrid) - Speaker Deck

When colour theory meets technology: generating delightful and accessible colour schemes

Fascinating talk by Krystal Campioni📸 on building a tool to generate accessible colour scheme with a demo of the tool. From a main colour and a couple of settings she was able to demonstrate an accessible and balanced colour scheme.


Using Laravel Cashier in Europe

Sander van Hooft📸 talked about Laravel Cashier features and the work he did to extend it's capabilities to better integrate with European payment methods. Using Mollie's payment platform he built laravel/cashier-mollie.

Writing Effective PHP

Great slides by Nuno Maduro📸 on tips and suggestions in writing better PHP. PHP Insights is a great tool to be added to any PHP developer toolbox.

Realtime Application with Laravel

Marcel Pociot📸 presented the various methods on building realtime interaction inside your application and how-to leverage Laravel Websockets to that end.

Utility-First CSS: Build a clean Component based system

Vitor Caneco📸 joyful talk introduced us to utility first css. The motivations for such technique and why Tailwind CSS might be the best solution.

Event Sourcing with eloquent from scratch

Dimitris Savvopoulos📸 introduced us on how he handled Event sourcing with Eloquent. A very interesting talk which can be followed nicely by reading Spatie Laravel Event Projector documentation.

How your Laravel application can get hacked, and how to prevent that from happening.

A captivating, if not cringy, talk by Antti Rössi📸 on how a badly maintained app and supporting ecosystem can lead to horrible consequences.

How Your Laravel Application Can Get Hacked, And How to Prevent That From Happening? - Speaker Deck

Building multi-tenant and multi-domain Laravel app

Julien Bourdeau📸 talked on building a multi-tenant application by only using Laravel's built-in features. For the multi-domain SSL he showed us how to use Caddy.

Laravel Multi-tenant demo app with multiple domains (not just subdomains)

Advanced Vue Component Design

An insightful talk by Adam Wathan📸 on leveraging Vue API to build specific functionality into independent components to enhance other components without messing each others code.

The source code for his “Advanced Vue Component Design” at Laracon EU Madrid.

Special mention to the city of Madrid. A wonderful city buzzing, modern with lovely historical building throughout. The subway between the airport and the centre of the city is nice, efficient and affordable.