Fiona Dunlop of Wimbledon School of English publishes new book for Language Schools

Fiona Dunlop (an ElsieApp client at Wimbledon school of English) is one of three authors that have recently published a new title aimed at English Language school managers.

‘ETpedia Management’ brings together 500 tips, ideas, and concepts to help you run an English language school. It covers everything from the basic principles of running a language school, department or organisation to problem solving and growth management.

In each of the 50 list based units you’ll find inspiration whether you’re managing for the first time or an experienced manager looking to further develop your skill set.

Throughout the book you will find quotes from experienced managers, Director of Studies,  sharing their views, ideas and experiences on managing an English Language school along with motivating tasks, perfect for self-reflection or for your teachers to do in a continuing professional development session.

We have our copy here in the ElsieApp office and we’re enjoying using it to expand our understanding of what English School managers need.

The book is available directly from Pavilion publishing: