Help is at hand!

It is crucial that students can easily find assistance in this new part of the country they are visiting, especially outside of business hours.

Use the back of the student card to list all the recommended places and phone numbers students should use if they ever need help.

This feature is being used by a couple of our clients and we believe that it will greatly benefit your students and is a great way for a school to improve safety levels.

To find out more about this feature please get in touch!

Monitoring ETO performance

It's always good to keep an eye on your ETOs' performance year on year so you can see who's excelling and who might need a little TLC. With Elsieapp this information is always at your fingertips.

Access the ETO report under the ‘Stats’ menu and click on ‘Provider performance’. This will tell you which ETOs you need to congratulate and those you may need to contact to remind them how great your school is!

Provider Performance.png

If you would like a demo of this feature, please get in touch!

Handling student details made easy

How many times have you found yourself chasing missing data, scanning photo to complete a student’s profile, or reprinting a student’s school card?

With Elsieapp you can easily solve these problems:

- Elsieapp allows your students to upload their photo via an online form that can be embedded on your website. You are notified when a student posts a picture and you can print their student school card even before they arrive.

- The Missing Data Report allows you to keep track of all the relevant missing student information from up to date accommodation address to emergency contact details, BRP status, visa expiry date and more.

By using these tools, you will have more time to engage with your students and can respond appropriately to their personal needs. 

Less time focusing on admin gives you more time sharing quality time with a student and in turn improving their overall perceived experience.

Generating Student School Card directly from Elsieapp

Generating Student School Card directly from Elsieapp

Missing Data Report example

Missing Data Report example

If you would like a demo of this feature, please get in touch!