Are you making a good first impression to your students?

When it comes to setting standards in the industry, we believe that students are the ones best able to judge an institution and hand out the awards (or the wooden spoons!). The "Student Perceived Experience" is one reliable indicator of your school’s performance.

Make a strong first impression, then maintain it.

We learned that a positive first impression begins with a “firm handshake”, so we focused on making sure Elsieapp users deliver an exciting and attractive welcome to newcomers.

The first thing many prospective new students see is the school website, so the quality of the visuals and information provided there is of primary importance; it is also vital to maintain consistency of communication from there.

Elsieapp features an “on-the-fly” documents generator.


Elsieapp integrates a module to generate all the documents you need to interact with your students in a way that will save you time, as all the fields are prefilled.

Here's a list of a few of the documents you can generate with Elsieapp: 

  • Booking confirmations
  • Visa letters
  • Accommodation letters
  • Transfer letters
  • End-of-study certificates
  • Warning letters
  • Accommodation contracts
  • ETO contracts

If you need other document templates, or simply want to chat about the service, please get in touch.