Growing the team and improving our service

We’ve taken on-board your feedback about the time it can sometimes take to get new features implemented in your ElsieApp instance. Our commitment is always to deliver a best in class product, backed up by excellent service.

It’s a delicate balance between updating individual features and continuing to refine and develop the core structure of ElsieApp ‘behind the scenes’, but we appreciate having to wait can be frustrating.

Over the past months we’ve been working very hard on our internal processes and have put in place a much more robust system for receiving and tracking your feature and change requests - Our regular person to person meetings was just the start of this process, and we hope that makes our clients feel more involved and better informed.

We'd also like to introduce you to Jim…who you’ll soon start hearing from. At ElsieApp we’re proud to be a small team that can deliver a personal touch and Jim has come on board to support us with business development and communications.

We believe that the work we’re doing on our processes and systems will bring significant changes that you’ll start to notice in the coming months and will allow ElsieApp to continue to develop in a positive and sustainable way.