ElsieApp downtime issues - June 2019

We're usually very proud of ElsieApp's reputation for minimal downtime, but towards the end of June we ran into issues in two consecutive weeks that caused a general outage for all ElsieApp clients.

In both instances the problems were due to a 3rd party hosting service that's used internationally by thousands of clients and supporting hundreds of thousands of end users, Cloudflare.
Cloudflare was down only briefly and the resulting issues both fully restored within 20minutes - not long, but too long when your business depends fully on a service.
Since Cloudflare released full statements blog posts detailing the issues that you may wish to read:  24th of June issue and 2nd of July issue.

We have been very satisfied with Cloudflare’s service over the last year and experience zero problems until last week.

Whilst Cloudflare are able to show the ultimate cause of the issue, that doesn’t help our clients during the busiest period of the year and we are unwilling to expose ElsieApp to any any form of risk, so will be monitoring this very closely.