Completing your English UK reports

If you’re a member of English UK then you will already know about the compulsory annual data that all members are required to submit and you may also know about the optional quarterly statistics scheme called QUIC.

The Quarterly Intelligence Cohort (QUIC) is open to all English UK members on an annual rolling basis - Participants submit detailed student data and in turn benefit from comprehensive, robust and timely statistical reports produced by Bonard (formerly StudentMarketing).

The reports represent a true picture of the UK ELT sector - one that is valuable to all English UK member centres, whether a seasonal junior provider, FE college or HE institution.

These QUIC submissions require much more detailed data than the annual submission and the deadline for submission of the next quarter’s data is very very soon - 12th April!

You can use ElsieApp to quickly and simply pull together all the data you need to submit your reports- a great way of saving you some precious time at the end of each quarter.

Simply go into ‘Stats’ on ElsieApp, select ‘English UK’, set the dates of the quarter you need the data for and hit submit to update the data. Then you can download a spreadsheet of the data and cut and paste it into the English UK QUIC template.

Our next development will be to populate the content from ElsieApp directly to the QUIC template for you. That’s being worked on, but with the 12th April deadline approaching we wanted to get you going with QUIC a.s.a.p!

Please take a look at the short video below to see it being done.