An extensive and tailored solution to manage, amend and communicate about the booking and the student life.

  • Students

    • Accommodation

    • Documents to send

    • Taxi/Flight transfers


Keep track of all the invoices related to each booking.

  • Net and gross invoices for students and agents

  • Commission payments to agents and accommodation payments

  • Unpaid Invoices




Prepare all the classes and tests, attribute teachers depending levels, prepare exams, keep track of the marks and records.

  • Arrival tests

  • Classes

  • Teachers

  • Planning

  • Exams


Students performances indicators, attendance, all the right stats at one glance will allow you to run the school smoothly.

  • Stats Dashboard

  • Weekly Snapshot

  • Class forecast




Organise your deals, attribute classes, monitor bookings and see how your team performs allow your to keep track on the business in real-time.

  • Agents : manage your deals with agents, specific contracts

  • The Quick Report feature shows class bookings at a glance

  • View status updates and follow your team's work in real time


Elsieapp gives you all the informations you need to plan your next package offer, identify opportunities for improvement and measure the ROI of a specific campaign. Your data help you to take control.


  • Agent statistics

  • School performance

  • Marketing costs