Elsieapp empowers Director of Studies and their assistant in managing classes, issuing professional documents and analysing past and future trends timely and efficiently.


Allocate student to multiple classes


Each week only allocate newly arrived students to existing class.

Elsieapp class management allows you to easly assign classes to students while keeping a record of the students previous classes.

Display all your classes details (Capacity, Room, Teacher(s), Book, Level, ...) easily checking each class capacity.

Elsieapp gives you greater flexibility in setting up weekly class schedule. From one session one day a week to multiple sessions per days or even weekend classes.


Generate in bulk students certificate based on their last class levels. The document can be downloaded as a PDF or blank to be printed on a pre-printed certificate template.

Produce any school official document (confirmation letter, warning letter, …) pre-filled with student details.

Pre-filled standard school document

Individual student attendance


Empower you teacher by letting them connect to their "Teacher portal" and access their current week class list as well as each student class history. As soon as the teacher submit their class register the student attendance record are updated.

You can also print individual class register and hand them over to your teacher. At the end of the week record the collected register and update instantly each student attendance record.

Check instantly the students with a poor attendance record and analyse their trend week on week.

School week stats


Week stat report allows you to quickly see how many upcoming bookings there are and compare with the previous years to see how many teacher(s) you will need.

IELTS Band progress calculated how many weeks a student spend in school to move an IELTS band.

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